Ahmed Rashid is a Pakistanti journalist and author of books about Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Central Asia.


Shiite And Sunni Muslims Struggle To Fill Leadership Void In Iraq

Sunni and Shia groups battle for leadership in Iraq

American Commander Alters Military Strategy in Afghanistan

Decision by the American commander in Afghanistan to expand security- and reconstruction-related missions beyond Kabul.

Slow Western Aid Could Undermine Afghan Stability

At one level there is a kind of donor fatigue, at another there are concerns about security in the country.

Central Asian Elites, Suddenly, Shift Into Revolt, Part I

The United States has treated the region primarily as a convenient staging base for its Afghan campaign, and all regimes have felt confident enough to use the threat of Islamic fundamentalism and al Qaeda to continue in their old ways.

Russia, China Warily Watch for American Intrusions in Central Asia, Part II

As small Central Asian countries have struck military alliances with the United States, their leaders have asserted their own power more aggressively.

Afghan Women Emerge As Elections Take Place

In a reversal of the oppressive Taliban era, educated Afghan women are using the elections to the upcoming Loya Jirga, or grand tribal council, to press for their civil rights.

Defense Establishment’s Control of U.S. Policy Poses Threat to Afghan Reconstruction

Unless the U.S. is willing to use its power to strengthen the political and economic processes that will help rebuild and modernize the country, there is the danger that ethnic divisions could again split the country.

Security Concerns Mount In Afghanistan As Country Enters Critical Reconstruction Phase

Clarifying ISAF’s role in Kabul and elsewhere would strengthen the interim government’s ability to respond to security issues.

Hamid Karzai Moves From Lightweight To Heavyweight In Afghan Politics

Without a trial, the memory of the Khmer Rouge horror will remain an open wound in the psyche of Khmer society.