Our Institute for Policy Studies resource Inequality.org offers a portal for all things that touch on economic inequality, everything from data and statistics to news and analysis. With just a few clicks, this still-new site can give you the lay of the land on the best work, thought, and commentary on how inequality impacts us all.

Here‘s a quick sampling what you can find at Inequality.org:

– Timely stats: The top 1 percent of U.S. households owned 35.6 percent of the nation’s private wealth in 2009. That’s more than the combined wealth of the bottom 90 percent. This and many more background stats available at the Data & Statistics tab, and in a downloadable info packet.
– A heads-up on upcoming news of note: What’s up this month? Every November, the UN releases its annual Human Development Report. Inequality.org’s Inequality Calendar lists, month-by-month, the major annual inequality-related events and report releases.
– Help on historical digging: Inequality.org’s Books on Inequality section lists the top books that track the attack on progressive taxation and plenty more.
– Sources for good quotes: Looking for a high-income American who thinks the wealthy aren’t pulling their weight at tax time? The Inequality.org Resources tab highlights organizations like Wealth for the Common Good, a network of business leaders and wealthy Americans working together to promote shared prosperity.
– Plus access to all the news on inequality you could want, online, via our weekly Too Much e-newsletter, and a Twitter feed that collects updates from top global inequality experts and commentators.

Please let us know if you’re interested in hearing more about Inequality.org. Thanks!

Lacy MacAuley
Media Relations Manager
Institute for Policy Studies
(202) 445-4692 mobile

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