Thank you for helping us spread the word about the new IPS report “Who is Buying Seattle? The Perils of the Luxury Real Estate Boom”. Please use the hashtag #WhoIsBuyingSeattle when sharing with your community.

Below are some sample social media posts. Check out the key findings and full report.

A new IPS report #WhoIsBuyingSeattle by @inequalityorg looks at where hidden wealth meets Seattle’s luxury housing by taking a snapshot of luxury condos and their ownership and occupancy trends.

New report looks into 8 luxury buildings totaling 1,635 residential units with an average value of $2 million – 23x higher than Seattle’s median household income and 28x median black family’s income #WhoIsBuyingSeattle

12% of the units highlighted in our #WhoIsBuyingSeattle report are owned by LLCs or trusts that obscure the real owners and beneficiaries. In one building it’s as high as 47%.

A new IPS report by @inequalityorg found 47% of the units at the 99 Union condominium development are owned by trusts, trustees, LLCs, and corps. Only 19% were owned by registered voters. #WhoIsBuyingSeattle? Read more:

New analysis on Seattle luxury real estate: The more expensive the unit, the more likely it’s owned by a trust or LLC. 3% of LLCs owning Seattle luxury properties are organized in Delaware, the premiere secrecy jurisdiction in the U.S. #WhoIsBuyingSeattle?

Comparing property ownership to voter records: out of the 1,635 units highlighted in new #WhoIsBuyingSeattle report, only 39% of owners are registered to vote at the property — 40% lower than Washington State as a whole.

Over 1,640 new luxury Seattle condos will hit the market next year. Who will buy them? Sign the petition to tell Seattle policymakers: protect current residents and increase transparency to find out #WhoIsBuyingSeattle

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