Dear President Obama,
You ask for patience
we ask you “how much longer?”
Iraq is still burning.

Rosalie Yelen

Dear President Obama,
Shut down the global
casino. Time to foreclose
on this house of cards.

Lori Tsang

Dear President Obama,
Mr. President
leave Iraq Now while Light
remains in their eyes

Judy Cohn

Rosalie Yelen is a peace and environmental activist and a CODEPINK coordinator on Long Island working since 2002 to stop the war in Iraq and prevent future wars.

Lori Tsang is a Washington, DC-based writer whose poems have been published in Crab Orchard Review, Drumvoices, Amerasia Journal, and other publications.

Judy Cohn is an attorney/writer and activist living in Washington, DC. They are all contributors to Foreign Policy In Focus .

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