BP oil spill. From the Seattle Times.The seven stupidest statements made about the BP oil hemorrhage.

BP’s first plan to contain the spill failed, but Alabama and Mississippi lawmakers still support offshore drilling.

Glenn Greenwald has an impressive roundup of articles questioning Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan’s credentials. But another Salon author wonders if the “liberal case against” Kagan is overblown.

In Iraq, at least 65 people were killed and 243 injured in a series of attacks. And the Taliban announced a new offensive starting today, against foreign troops, security contractors, and the Afghans that work with them.

Community health care clinics are a main source of care for the U.S. poor. With the reform bill’s passage, what is their future?

Left-wing parties celebrate victory in Germany.

In Greece, protesters focus their wrath on the IMF, as a “majority of Greeks not only see it as the harbinger of harsh economic reforms but the symbol of foreign occupation.”

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