From the “Well, that’s something” department: Huffpo’s Sam Stein reports that the White House endorses an unlimited liability cap for oil spillers. The current cap is $75 million, mere pocket change for corporations like BP.

New York State is poised to lead the nation in securing rights for domestic workers. (New York Times)

The Pentagon bans four reporters from Gitmo, reports Democracy Now!.

Groups around the United States join Haitian farmers in protesting Monsanto seeds, writes IPS associate fellow Bev Bell. (Revista Amauta)

Will the Gaza flotilla attack be our “Kent State moment”? (FPIF blog)

An important coalition that aims to end world poverty, the Canadian Council for International Cooperation, might lose funding. (Pambazuka)

Split This Rock director Sarah Browning on why Langston Hughes is her role model. “Why do I, a straight white woman, choose Langston Hughes, a queer Black man, as literary father? Because Hughes chose me, a dreamer.”

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