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Foreign Policy in Focus (FPIF) is a “think tank without walls” connecting the research and action of more than 600 scholars, advocates, and activists seeking to make the United States a more responsible global partner.

FPIF provides timely analysis of U.S. foreign policy and international affairs and recommends policy alternatives. We believe U.S. security and world stability are best advanced through a commitment to peace, justice, and environmental protection, as well as economic, political, and social rights. We advocate that diplomatic solutions, global cooperation, and grassroots participation guide foreign policy.

FPIF aims to amplify the voice of progressives and to build links with social movements in the U.S. and around the world. Through these connections, we advance and influence debate and discussion among academics, activists, policy-makers, and the general public.

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Latest Work

The Return of the Far Right

The recent electoral victories of Javier Milei in Argentina and Geert Wilders in the Netherlands suggest that the world has not yet reached peak populism.

Mapping the Impact and Conflicts of Rare-Earth Elements

A new map and report explore the challenges for a green and digital transition.

Telling the Complex History of Korea's Occupation

Hwang Sok-Yong's novel Mater 2-10 chronicles Korean resistance to--and collaboration with--Japanese occupation.
close-up shot of a toy tank sitting atop a stack of money

How Long Can America Maintain a War Economy

The United States will have to choose between its addiction to military spending and the economic demands of its population.

Congress Divided on Funding Wars

But it's also united on a false linkage between Russia and Hamas.

The Enduring Limits of American Power

America can't determine outcomes on the ground in Israel and Ukraine.
President Joe Biden (R) and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (L) toast during a state dinner at the White House on June 22, 2023 in Washington, DC.

Ignoring India's Fascism Will Lead to Blowback

It’s in the long-term self-interest of the U.S. to stop coddling the dangerous authoritarian government of India.

Russia's Eroding Geopolitical Strength

In its war in Ukraine, Russia is trying to protect a few pawns even as it puts its powerful queen at risk.

More Butterflies, Fewer Billionaires: Unrigging the Global Economy

The world has one last shot at reducing global inequality and saving the planet.

Challenging Mining Corporations at the International Level

What can you do when you've run out of options at the local and national levels?

Channeling the Global North's "Clean Energy" Transition

How can activists in the north and south work together to ensure a global just transiti

Korean Armistice, Ukrainian Ceasefire

Pity the country that has no armistice, but pity the country that needs an armistice.

Peace in Their Time

Peace activists should be clamoring for a peace on Ukrainian terms. Since Ukraine is the victim in this conflict, it should ideally decide the timing and the parameters of any peace deal.

Russia's Agricultural Warfare

With its strategy of bomb and blockade, Russia is literally taking the food out of the mouths of the hungry.

Ukraine and the World Order

The war in Ukraine is not just about territory. It's about the future of global governance.

America vs. the Supreme Court

According to the Supreme Court, America's not back but backwards.

Why I Crashed the White House's Garden Party for Narendra Modi

The White House’s embrace of the Indian leader is normalizing fascism in the world’s most populous country — and in the U.S. as well.

The Beginning of the End for Putin?

The failed coup by the Wagner Group has exposed the Russian president's fatal weaknesses.

A Tale of Two Missions

African leaders visited Russia and Ukraine. The U.S. secretary of state visited China. Is détente making a comeback?
Waving European's flag in front of a polluting factory chimney that's releasing smog.

Greening Transatlantic Relations

Europe and the United States have to stop competing and start cooperating to avert climate catastrophe.

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John Feffer

John Feffer

Project Director and Associate Fellow

Epicenter, Foreign Policy in Focus

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