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Book Event: Kim Fellner’s ‘Wrestling With Starbucks’

IPS Conference Room 1301 Connecticut Avenue, NW, 6th Floor, Washington, DC, United States

Please join us at a book discussion with Kim Fellner, the former director of the National Organizers Alliance. Fellner recently published Wrestling With Starbucks: Conscience, Capital, Cappuccino, a feisty and unpredictable book that traces how the Battle of Seattle – informed by the Internet – helped consolidate a new global justice culture that didn’t buy anything about Starbucks (except, maybe, the coffee). It explains what Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, Service Employees International Union President Andy Stern, and Global Exchange Co-director Medea Benjamin hold in common – and what they don’t. It tells the largely unknown story of how Starbucks rescued thousands of Central American coffee growers from going under – and became a major patron of biodiversity. It explores two competing definitions of goodness – being better than the rest vs. being good in a larger moral context – the place where the rub of capitalism hits the road of global economic equity.