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Nebraska’s Annual Peace Conference: ‘What a Just U.S. Policy in the Muslim World Would Look Like’

Trinity United Methodist Church 5th and Elm Street, Grand Island, NE

Our Middle East fellow Phyllis Bennis will be speaking on U.S. policy in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the current state of U.S.-UN relations. She'll also lead a workshop, "Responding to the Afghan Quagmire & Obama’s Vietnam."

This event is sponsored by Nebraskans for Peace and the UNO School of Social Work. Registration information and a full schedule of conference workshops can be found here.

Conference: ‘Rolling Back Militarism: A Task for the Global Movement’

Georgetown University 37th & O St NW, Washington, DC

At this time of global economic and environmental crisis, join activists from International & US based NGOs to find the opportunity – this conference is an invitation to engage in a strategic process, to examine our campaigning priorities and options, to explore new ways to challenge the militarism we see around us, and to build international connections and partnerships.

• Learn ways to help constituents begin to break with the culture and practice of militarism that is now a U.S. legacy• Set strategies to achieve more collaborative, peace-oriented policies from the Obama administration.• Rebuild relations between US peace movement(s), partners abroad, & key leaders from sister organizations.• Forge new alliances and exchange proposals for future joint work.

Emira Woods will be presenting the keynote address in this conference, and Phyllis Bennis will lead a presentation. For more information, you can read the conference flyer or register at

Split This Rock Poetry Festival: Poems of Provocation and Witness

Bell Multicultural High School 3101 16th Street NW, Washington, DC

As the country continues to grapple with two wars, the economic crisis, and social and environmental ills, Split This Rock offers participants opportunities to speak out, make common cause, and explore the many ways poets are working for change through their writing, activism, and community work. Co-Director Sarah Browning said, “At times of crisis, poetry that looks directly at our world and struggles to understand, to bridge differences, to imagine other possibilities than those endlessly repeated by politicians and pundits is more important than ever.”

‘Branches of Peace: International Solidarity with Palestinian Nonviolence’

The Palestine Center 2425 Virginia Ave NW, Washington, DC

The purpose of this lecture is to discuss solidarity among U.S. citizens, Israelis and the international community with Palestinian nonviolent activism and present the global dialogue taking place concerning the role of these movements in achieving a just peace in the region.

Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here: Opening Exhibit and Reading

Gallery 31, The Corcoran Gallery of Art 500 17th St NW, Washington, DC

The Corcoran Gallery of Art presents 'Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here', a collection of 130 broadsides celebrating our collective cultural voice and representing the deaths and injuries of the March 2007 car bomb on al-Mutanabbi Street in Baghdad.

From Armistice to Peace Treaty: A Step Towards Ending the Korean War

IPS Conference Room 1301 Connecticut Avenue, NW, 6th Floor, Washington, DC

On July 27, 1953, the U.S. signed an Armistice agreement with China and North Korea to temporarily halt the fighting that claimed 4 million lives and divided 10 million families pending a formulation of a peace treaty. Despite the desire of people in North and South Korea for peace and reconciliation, no peace treaty has been signed, though China has normalized relations with the U.S. and South Korea.


War Voices: Ten Years of War in Afghanistan

St. Margaret's Episcopal Church 1830 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC

October 7, 2011 is the tenth anniversary of the Global War on Terror, the longest war in U.S. history. War Voices is a unique forum to reflect on this decade of war by bringing together people directly impacted by U.S. militarism and the U.S. war economy

Iraq: 9 Years of War and Activism. Is It Over?

Busboys & Poets - 14th & V 2021 14th Street NW, Washington, DC

On the 9th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq, join us for an evening of reflection and looking forward. hear stories from big and small actors in the anti-Iraq occupation movement about how the past nine years impacted them and their lives, and the lasting lessons for us as a movement.

Making Mondays Matter: Is Faith Necessary?

Irish Whiskey Public House 1207 19th Street NW, Washington, DC

Institute for Policy Studies and Inspire BBQ will host a forum featuring Colman McCarthy and Joe Eldridge speaking on the role of faith in social movements.

Vietnam: The Power of Protest

New York Ave Presbyterian Church 1313 New York Ave NW, Washington, DC

Telling the Truth. Learning the Lessons at the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam Peace Movement.

Film: We Are Many

Landmark E Street Cinema 555 11th Street, N.W., Washington, DC

You're cordially invited to attend a DC screening featuring IPS Fellow Phyllis Bennis followed by a Q&A with the film's Director, Amir Amirani.

Challenging Trumpism, Wars and Militarism

Kay Spiritual Life Center, American University 4400 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC

After the Inauguration join IPSers Phyllis Bennis and John Feffer: rest your feet, feed your head, and stoke your fire at this free conference at American University’s Kay Spiritual Life Center!

Phyllis Bennis Speaks In and Around Detroit

Various locations listed

Your chance to hear up-to-date analysis on U.S. war and peace issues in the Middle East and beyond in the era of a Trump Presidency.

Film: The Draft and the Vietnam Generation

Institute for Policy Studies 1301 Connecticut Avenue NW, 6th Floor, Washington, DC

Inspiring stories of people who faced being drafted to fight in a war they opposed and how their defiance changed American politics forever, followed by a discussion with filmmaker Beth Sanders.