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Wars and Climate Crisis – The True Costs

Online (Eastern time)

IPS' National Priorities Project Program Director, Lindsay Koshgarian is one of 3 panelists for this Plenary 3 of Veterans for Peace 2022 Online Convention.

The Future of the Korean Peninsula

Online Zoom Event

IPS' Foreign Policy In Focus Director, John Feffer will speak about the "Current Conflict" and "Future Peace" between North and South Korea.

What Climate Debt Does the North Owe the South?

Online Zoom Event

Co-sponsored by the EcoSocial Pact of the South and the Global Just Transition project of the Institute for Policy Studies, with Spanish/English interpretation

The Ballot and Community Control Over Police

Online Zoom Event

Through multimedia presentation, group dialogue, and interactive exercises led by IPS's Netfa Freeman, participants will learn what it will take to win community control over the police in a given locale and how to start a campaign to achieve it.

9th Anniversary Gala – Anger to Action!

hybrid: in-person and Virtual

The Institute for Policy Studies proudly steps up to be a community sponsor for the 9th Anniversary Gala – Anger to Action!

Creating Exciting Consciousness-Raising Events

Online Zoom Event

A multimedia workshop with interactive exercises, dynamic peer sharing, and fun pop quizzing of the facilitator to learn about creating compelling experiences for social change.

Free Trade vs. Just Green Trade

Zoom Webinar

A webinar on ways the current trade system continues to support fossil fuel interests and what a just, sustainable, Green trading order look like.

The Power of the Pen

Online Zoom Event

A Congressional Progressive Caucus Center (CPCC)'s latest Big Ideas Briefing on "Building Justice Through Executive Action"

The Geopolitics of Critical Minerals

Zoom Webinar

U-Amherst Doctoral candidate Debamanyu Das will address the geopolitical implications of today's struggle to obtain the components of solar cells, car batteries, and other high-tech products.