Washington DC – An Election Night Party with the Institute for Policy Studies will be broadcast with IPS’s team of experts with the aim of providing thought and analysis not heard in the mainstream media. IPS is inviting supporters, the press, and the public to tune into the livestream of the Election Night Party, 8 PM to 11 PM ET.


The livestream will feature a discussion with IPS drug policy expert Sanho Tree on the marijuana legalizations initiatives and how legalization will impact the drug war and our drug policy toward Latin America. Viewers will see a rundown with IPS inequality and economy guru Sarah Anderson on the “inequality vote,” the pro-99-percent candidates versus those whose Congressional actions favor the rich. A frank and informative talk will be held with IPS organizer Netfa Freeman on the private polling service that is used by most major broadcast news stations to forecast election winners, and how electronic voting machines may affect democracy.

There will be discussion on much, much more: ballot initiatives in California, including the GMO labeling requirement proposition; a breakdown of the marriage equality initiatives in four states; a discussion on the presidential candidates’ foreign policy positions, and more.

The Election Night Party will be broadcast 8 PM to 11 PM ET, on our UStream Channel: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/live-at-ips

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