Janine Jackson interviews IPS’s New Internationalism Project director Phyllis Bennis about the crisis in Gaza for the October 13, 2023 episode of CounterSpin. Phyllis Bennis joins CounterSpin following a week of Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza strip. Phyllis maintains that all acts of violence against civilians ought to be condemned, and goes on to state that all war crimes should be investigated. She offers invaluable insight on how the 75-year U.S.-funded occupation of Palestine has resulted in death, displacement and discrimination for Palestinians. This context is vital to understanding the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza, as well as the role the United States is playing by continually funding the Israeli military.

“If we’re serious about preventing acts of violence in the future, understanding the acts of violence that have already occurred, we have to be prepared to do the hard work of looking at context, looking at root causes,” Bennis explains.

Bennis encourages FAIR listeners to look at the root causes of the violence happening in Gaza and explains the urgent need for a ceasefire to prevent further violence and destruction.

Listen to or read the full interview at CounterSpin.

Phyllis Bennis directs the New Internationalism Project at the Institute for Policy Studies.

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