Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has made tackling economic inequality a top campaign priority. Soon after unveiling an ambitious billionaire tax plan, he has proposed a plan to levy a progressive tax on corporations with massive pay gaps between executive and median worker salaries.

On the same day Senator Sanders’ plan was released, the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) released its 26th annual Executive Excess report, which analyzes disparities in CEO-worker pay.

Sarah Anderson, director of the Global Economy Project at IPS, joined Rising Up With Sonali to discuss the report findings. Anderson explains which companies have some of the worst CEO-worker pay gaps, the harms those gaps cause, and why Senator Sanders’ new proposal needs to be part of a larger group of tax policies if we really want to tackle inequality in the U.S.

Watch the full interview at Rising Up With Sonali.

Sarah Anderson directs the Global Economy Project at the Institute for Policy Studies.

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