This morning, the president of the United States put Rep. Ilhan Omar’s life at risk yet again. He retweeted a video of the congresswoman from a Sep. 13 Congressional Black Caucus event celebrating black women, claiming she was partying on the anniversary of Sep. 11.

The Institute for Policy Studies is appalled at the Islamophobic, racist claims made by Donald Trump that have caused Rep. Omar to receive death threats. And we join others in calling for the suspension of Trump’s Twitter account until his tweet is removed.

Through it all, Rep. Omar continues to be a brave champion of human rights. That’s why we asked her to host our Letelier-Moffitt Human Rights Award ceremony on Oct. 3, where we will honor not only our unsung activist awardees, but the brave congresswoman who has been standing up for people like them.

Since the assassination of our IPS colleagues Orlando Letelier and Ronni Karpen Moffitt in 1976, our awards in their names have been dedicated to those who have faced grave danger for standing up for their rights and against corrupt political and corporate elites. 

Omar’s commitment to those values even in the face of a nonstop smear campaign is why the Institute for Policy Studies is so proud to continue standing alongside her.

In solidarity, 

IPS Family

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