Here’s how our readers have responded to Kaul’s column back in April about conservatives attempting to replace Grant with Reagan on the $50 bill (Keep Grant on the $50 Bill). “Phony as a $3 bill would better fit Ronald Reagan,” Arthur House of Franklin, WV wrote in his letter published in the June 15 edition of The Progressive Populist. “Ronald Reagan might have been a contender for worst U.S. President, but another Republican imitator came along and beat him out of contention hands down. And unfortunately we all suffer the consequences.”

Earlier, June Steel of Washburn, WI mailed a handwritten note, expressing her thanks for this column. “Please keep us (the public) informed of this movement and any progress they may be making (I hope none!)” she wrote.

On our website, “Galenian” posted this comment about this column. “I live in Galena (IL) where Grant is God. Grant also put us on the map and draws thousands to town each year. I’m having a hard time imagining spending money with RR’s picture on it. BTW I was a devoted reader of your column in the DMR and was delighted to find you online recently. You’re my weekly breath of fresh air.”

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